KentRelief, Tunbridge Wells, UK (Registered Charity No 1204501)

From Dreams to Reality charitable foundation, Brovary, UA (Registered Charity No 41452314) 

Founded by Anastasia Volodymyrivna, founding trustee, in 2017.

Prior to the invasion of 24 Feb 2022, supported:

Since the invasion of Feb 24 2022, additionally supporting:

Prior to the invasion, FD2R operated with volunteers, donations of goods, and 2 grants from the British Council. Since the invasion FD2R need money for poorer people to buy medicines & toiletries, plus for schools. FD2R operate from an office & a storage facility. Anastasia has received an award from the Ukraine government for being a top charity in UA. A volunteer at the charity, Yuliya Zayarnaya, is a long-time friend of Taissia in Andrew Fleming Florist. 

Chorleywood 4 Ukraine, Chorleywood, UK.

Note: CAFUKR has a policy of only sending financial aid (cash) to registered charities.