CAFUKR Network

Thank you to our supporters and colleagues…

Chorleywood & surrounds residents

Considerable generosity with donations of cash and goods.


Rosie Warburg of Chorleywood

Providing storage and sorting space on an ongoing basis.


Lesley Gray of Chorleywood

Overseeing the storage & packing facility, ferrying aid from collection points to the facility, shopping for aid, & helping with HMRC Gift Aid processing.

Ukrainian Chorleywood ladies packing team (left)

Our local volunteer sorters & packers. Over 10 tons now. Great workers helping their country.

Kent Relief registered charity (right)

Providing storage in Tunbridge Wells & freight consolidation onwards to Ukraine for our regular shipments.

Anastasia Volodymyrivna, Founder of “From Dreams to Reality” charitable foundation, Brovary, Ukraine (left)

Distributing aid to orphans, schoolchildren, & other needy, in the Brovary area & far beyond.

Regional State Administration, Brovary, near Kyiv (right)

Providing large scale warehousing to receive 25-ton artic lorry cargos of aid from the UK.

Eileen and James Gardner of Chorleywood 4 Ukraine

Local charity looking after visiting Ukrainian mothers & children.


Suzannah Landray and the organisers, auction donors, & attendees at the Sunflower Ball at the Memorial Hall, Summer 2022

Sizeable donation to our charity of over £9,000.


Chorleywood Music Society & Orchestra, & Chorleywood Choral Society

Charity Concert fundraising at St Andrews church, over £1,000.

Chorleywood Music Society and Orchestra

Chorleywood Choral Society – Founded in 1911

Chorleywood Residents Association

Ongoing promotional supporters.

Chorleywood Residents' Association | Chorleywood is as good as we make it

Hitesh & Rajula Dodhia of Parade Pharmacy, Chorleywood (left)

Local pharmacists sourcing & assembling specific medical supplies at wholesale prices.

The Manager and partners at Waitrose Rickmansworth (right)

Generously donating food, hygiene, baby products & soft Easter bunnies for UA orphans.

York House School and Lucie Scott, Head of Lower School – Academic

Selected our charity as their Christmas 2022 charity & raised £500 on Just Giving.


Johnny Press, York House School father & Sports Direct reseller

Donated 2 van loads of new winter clothing including sweaters, jackets, & footwear, for both adults & children.


Mike Stansfield of Chorleywood

Volunteer website designer & maintainer, providing the same for our partners Kent Relief.

Joanne Watson of Medway Help for Ukrainians

Put us in touch with transport links which ultimately led to Kent Relief.


Mark Ramsey of Maidstone, Kent

Help moving van loads of aid to the Ukraine Relief Group in Tunbridge Wells (now Kent Relief).


Julia Zayarnaya, From Dreams to Reality charitable foundation, Brovary, Ukraine

Local aid distributor in Ukraine, supplying lists of items needed over there.


Antoliy of Harrow, Taissia’s friend.

Ukraine car driver delivering 3 carloads of our critically required aid direct to Brovary.

Breda Nuttall of Chorleywood

Dedicated a poem to our charitable cause.

Countess Ilona Esterhazy & Prosper Mental Health charity, Henley-on-Thames

Donated 25 large boxes of high quality used / near new clothing, which would otherwise have been sold to raise £2,500 for her charity.

Nick Cordon of Summers Morgan, Sheraton House, Lower Road, Chorleywood

Providing annual accounting & Charities Commission filing services.

Rachel Lesiter, Brigitte Bott & all the volunteers at Chorleywood for Refugees

Immense support & generous fundraising & donations.

Anthony Raumann & Philip Beausire

Always being available for 2 hour bag labelling & indexing sessions.

Many other people are being helpful, and the Trustees are very grateful for all the support, both local, in the UK, & in Ukraine. Too large a team to mention everyone!

BBC News on 17 November 2022 (left)

Ukraine: Aid collected for Kherson leaves Tunbridge Wells.

General Richard Barrons

General Sir Richard Barrons, former Commander of Joint Forces Command and one of the UK Chiefs of Staff, is an ex-Chorleywooder, who has known Pierre since teenage years. He is a keen supporter of the recent efforts made by residents of Chorleywood & and the surrounding area to help the less privileged & the needy in Ukraine to survive this most difficult situation and recover.