UPDATE 21 MAY 2023

Did you know that more than thirty households in the immediate area have hosted Ukrainians fleeing from the war?  

With three adult children living at home, Stephanie and Russell managed to find space for Polina and her 13 year old daughter.  They all got on well, with everyone enjoying their new guest’s cooking. Reflecting on their stay she says, ”We loved hearing about their lives in Ukraine, and it was great to be able to do something significant to help them.”  

Please consider whether you could lodge an adult, with or without children, who needs a second host. You can chat to existing hosts to assess suitability. Alternatively, do you have private accommodation you’d be willing to rent out to a refugee? The war may not be on the front page any more but Ukrainians in Chorleywood still need support.  

Contact for more details.

Chorleywood host Stephanie Hallam and her Ukrainian guest Polina and daughter Liza, at The Olympic Park in east London.


Dozens of families in the Chorleywood/Rickmansworth area are hosting Ukrainians who have left the country as a result of the war.  There are more than sixty Ukrainian refugees living with families in this area.  They have been welcomed into our community through the efforts of many locals, and are benefiting from language classes, employment opportunities and a variety of public services.  

Would you be interested in hosting?  It's a wonderful opportunity to help people who need a kind home while the war continues.  Support is available, both from the local authorities and also from the network of existing hosts in this area.  Please do join us!  If you are interested in finding out more, please drop me a line on

Eileen and James Gardner

Chorleywood4Ukraine Hosting Group

Viktoriia Myronova (Team Leader – Ukraine Support, Hospital and Community Navigation Service), Roger Dromard (CAFUKR), Gagan Mohindra MP (SW Herts), & Pierre Bosdet (CAFUKR).

The weekly language cafe at the Junction, run by Eileen Gardner of Chorleywood4Ukraine Hosting Group and attended by several of the Ukrainian guests 

Ukrainian visitors to Chorleywood enjoying a recent picnic on the Common along with CAFUKR trustee Taissia Rantiuk.