Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine

Breaking News - click the button on the right to read about Pierre's trip to Kyiv to visit "From Dreams to Reality", the charity in Ukraine to which Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine has been delivering aid for over two years now.

Chorleywood Aid for Ukraine charity was started shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, becoming a UK registered charity on July 7th, 2022.

We collect both cash and goods (see our Donate & Needed pages), and assist genuine charitable operations near Kyiv, Ukraine, with an emphasis on special needs children, orphans, displaced mothers with children & babies, families who have lost fathers, military & other hospitals, and the genuinely very needy which includes previously occupied towns north of Brovary (see our Partners page), and poor schools up to the Belarus border. Now expanded to most areas of Eastern & Southern Ukraine.

We also help our local Chorleywood guests from Ukraine, mainly mothers with young children, alongside the Chorleywood 4 Ukraine charitable group, who provide assistance, to both hosts and guests, coordinated by Eileen and James Gardner (see our Hosting page).

We are a very low overhead charity and provide ongoing pictorial / photographic feedback from exactly where your aid money and goods end up (see our Galleries pages, especially Recipients). 

We can assure you those in receipt are most grateful indeed & we hear this often.

1A Shire Lane (next to florist)

"From Dreams to Reality" charitable foundation

Accomplishments Feb 2022 to July 2024:

UK registered charity

We are extremely proud of:

Your donations of goods and funds to our charity are most gratefully received and Chorleywood has been quite remarkable in its overall support, including towards our Ukrainian guests. Thank you all most kindly.

Pierre Bosdet, Taisiia Rantiuk, Gagan Mohindra MP, Ukrainian guest, Lesley Gray 

Chorleywood Aid being delivered to Eastern Ukraine, Donbas Region